Does any fan base fight itself more than Cowboys Nation? –

Seriously. It’s like the fans know their team can’t beat anyone in the playoffs, so they beat the shit out of each other instead.

Some thoughts on the video:

  1. It’s never a fair fight. 3v1 here with kicks to a grounded opponent.
  2. What’s with the lady throwing the drink? Can’t tell whose side she’s on, or maybe she’s a neutral and poo-pooing the fight in general. A Cowboy Karen.
  3. I like how security ends up grabbing the guy who was getting his ass kicked. I guess you gotta separate the combatants however possible, but it looks funny.
  4. Love the dude in the Misfits sweatshirt having to be pulled back by his girlfriend after squaring up to do nothing at all.

Anyway, go Birds!