“Power Slap” is the Dumbest Shit Ever

Quick departure here to talk about the new “sport” Dana White is bringing us. It’s called “power slap” and basically two meat heads take turns palming each other in the face:

TBS should be embarrassed for airing this. There’s no talent, skill, or intrigue here. This is throwing it back to the early days of UFC, where there were no rules and people bought the pay per view just because they wanted to see fighters kick each other in the face (while grounded). The MMA you’re now familiar with is a regulated and evolved far cry from the unmitigated violence of yesteryear. We get the best the world has to offer in striking, kickboxing, muay thai, BJJ, combat sambo, and whatever else you can think of.

I can safely say that “power slap” is the dumbest sport of all time. Even dumber than that game we used to play in 7th grade, called “smear,” which we had to shorten because it was offensive. Basically you’d throw a ball or object into the air, someone would grab it, and then the objective was to tackle them. Then, the tackler would take the ball and run around until they got smeared and the game would end when you got tired or injured. Power slap is stupider than “smear,” which at least required some combination of agility, speed, and strength. Power slap is for guys who are too slow to punch a moving target, too fat for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and too stupid for any other martial art.

Oh yea, and Dana White is promoting this slap league a few weeks after he slapped his wife, so talk about interesting timing there. People called for this thing to be cancelled (obviously), but instead they got a one-week delay, so go ahead and start writing those stories, asking if cancel culture is real (spoiler, it is if you’re a regular joe, but not if you’re Dana White).

Anyway, power slap blows. Clown “sport” for neanderthals. If you want to see idiots slapping each other, go watch reruns of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.