One of the worst-kept secrets in Philadelphia sports was Ray Didinger’s pending un-retirement. It was announced in December that he’d be returning to NBC Sports Philadelphia for the Eagles’ postseason, and now he’s back with 94 WIP in a similar, part-time capacity:

Ray basically said “shit, the Eagles are really good, lemme get back on this(paraphrasing). Not sure he’d be jumping at the chance to analyze a four-win team, but who knows?

This is like Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, and Tom Brady coming back. Also similar to Ozzy Osbourne doing the first “No More Tours” in 1992 and then continuing to tour for 30 more years. Likewise, I thought I saw the Motley Crue farewell in 2015 and now they’re playing with Def Leppard in Atlantic City next month.

Point being, it didn’t last, like Kim Kardashian’s first three marriages. But it’s all good. We’re not going to judge someone for unretiring. Plus, Ray isn’t exactly signing up for Monday to Wednesday, 9 to 5 and some shitty office job. He’s going to come back and do part-time Eagles analysis for huge media outlets. I don’t blame him. If you love doing something, do it until you physically can’t or the passion is gone, which obviously is not.

What else are you gonna do? Sit around and spend time with family?

Welcome back, Ray.