Let’s get it back to transportation.

There’s an analytics firm called INRIX that puts together data about traffic and all of that, and their recent study reveals that Philadelphia has the fourth-worst traffic in the nation. The typical Philadelphia driver spent 114 hours sitting in traffic last year, probably wondering why they got on 76 East in the first place.

We ranked only behind New York, Chicago, and Boston:

Kinda surprised LA isn’t higher, since traffic out there always seems like a nightmare. I remember needing three hours to get from San Bernardino to Hollywood. Talk about brutal. That drive made the Schuylkill Expressway feel like 55 south to Millville on a Wednesday afternoon.

Besides the Schuylkill, there are terrible roads throughout the region. The Roosevelt Boulevard is a combination death trap/traffic nightmare. The Blue Route turns into a joke with regularity, especially where it hits 95. Even now traffic pushes out to 422 west, while New Jersey is taking 47 years to finish whatever construction project that is on the 42 freeway coming off the bridges. Listen to me, I sound like Bob Kelly. We’ve got a double jelly donut of delays this morning, now here’s Sue Serio with the weather.

The future is working from home. No doubt. Save your time, save gas, save the environment in the process. Tell your boss you can be more productive without having to waste 2 hours sitting in your car every day. Everyone benefits from this. Your boss is happy and Greta Thunberg is happy. It’s a win/win.