Four hours of hell. If Kyle Scott was still running this site that quote would be on a shirt by lunch:

What coach of what team do we think it was? I think we can eliminate any coach on the Astros since they came in and took two out of three at the Bank. The Braves don’t have anyone on the staff who played on the Yankees during Topper’s time there. So, I think the best bet is Francisco Cervelli, who was a long time Yankee when Topper was coaching and now coaches the Padres catchers. Topper was also a catcher with the Tigers so you’d think they probably had an immediate bond. Case closed. Phillies fans bullied Manny Machado, Juan Soto, and the San Diego Padres. It would make the most sense. Both teams duked it out over three games at CBP. Game 3 was a 4-1 win, but it felt much closer than that. Game 4 is where the Padres had two separate leads and the Phillies came back late. Then Game 5 was Bryce Harper’s iconic moment:

Man can we just skip the 162 game season and fast forward right to the playoffs? I need playoff baseball. There is nothing like it after missing out for 11 years. Watching 40,000+ erupt during a big moment still gives me goosebumps. There’s no place like Philly in October. Not even the Bronx. Yea I said it. They build them differently here:

They broke Mattress Mack for God’s sake:

And it’s all in good fun, as this reporter from San Diego found out: