These guys Bonta Hill and Joe Shasky do the morning show for 95.7 the Game out in San Francisco. It’s an Audacy station currently being run by ex-97.5 the Fanatic Program Director Matt Nahigian.

Apparently Kate Scott is part of this lineup as well (edit – looks like she was part of this show at one point, but is no longer involved) but she was not involved in the day-after discussion when Bonta and Shasky ripped Eagles fans:

Jesus lol. What did you do to these guys at the stadium?

Also, I’d like to know who at WIP was talking trash. They get bonus points for that. This all must have sucked, to go broadcast from a sister station’s studio after getting your doors blown off in the NFC Championship Game. Then you gotta fly all the way across the country again.

Anyway, go Birds!

EDIT – I like how the guy calls us fake gangstas before putting us on “the hit list”