Send Highlights of that Joel Embiid Performance to the Fake News MVP Voters

Photo Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Ho hum, nothing to see here. Joel Embiid went for 47, 18, and five with three steals and a couple of blocks in a come-from-behind win against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday evening. The Sixers erased a 15-point halftime deficit to win their 7th in a row.

Make sure the Bostonian and Chinese MVP voters see these highlights:

Yeah sure, it’s one game, played on the Sixers’ home floor, but Embiid went head-to-head with the guy who beat him out for the last two MVP awards and ended it with a step-back three point dagger right in Joker’s face. Bang bang! Bet you won’t hear anything about this performance from the fake news Boston media or the 47 voters from The Ringer or the Tencent people who voted for Jokic last year.

Embiid is averaging a career-high 33.8 points per game this year. He leads the league. He’s averaging 10 rebounds and four assists and has the highest usage % of anyone in the NBA. He gets to the foul line almost 12 times per game and shoots 85.7% from the stripe. He’s the rim protector and defensive anchor for a team with top-four net rating and top-seven defensive rating. He scores at all three levels and is regularly going for 30+ despite being a “big” in a contemporary, perimeter-based game. His team is 2nd in the east and he’ll play enough games to throw out the “he’s never available” narrative. There’s just very little that Jokic is doing right now that Embiid isn’t doing, unless you value fancy passes and advanced metrics like VORP and RAPTOR.

Unfortunately, Embiid probably is going to be snubbed again. We’re at the mercy of voters like Bill Simmons, Mike Greenberg, Chris Broussard, and whoever these other people are. They hate the Process!