Shane Steichen Says he Didn’t Get into a Play Calling Rhythm Against Saints

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles coordinators usually speak mid-week, but their press conferences were pushed back to Thursday as a result of the Damar Hamlin situation.

Shane Steichen never says anything interesting and has been an excellent play caller all year, so his weekly visitation with the scribes was a little bit of a departure coming off an ugly offensive performance against New Orleans.

He was asked if the Eagles could have run the ball more:

“We probably could have run it more. Obviously, looking back, when you don’t do a lot of good things on offense, you are, like, what could we have done? Should we have run it more? Yeah, probably.

I didn’t get into a rhythm calling the game early. So, I think the only time we really had some rhythm was the drive to come out in the third quarter.

But we just didn’t get a first down. Once you get a first down, maybe you can get some momentum, but the three-and-outs killed us. Four in a row there. I haven’t been a part of that in a while, so we have to get back on the right track and take care of business this week.”

The box score shows 15 runs, one of which was an option play where Gardner Minshew pulled the ball and was stuffed. They also had the TD run called back for a bogus flag, so that doesn’t appear on the stat sheet. Minshew threw 32 passes and was sacked six times so the skew is pretty heavily in favor of passing the ball. They got crushed in first half time of possession and just weren’t on the field enough to even get the wheels turning.

Steichen was also asked if there are plays he can fall back on to get things unstuck offensively:

Yeah, it’s crazy. On the sidelines thinking about those things, like, ‘hey, we have to get something going here. Something easy for the quarterback or a run or whatever it is or a quick pass.’ There are a few things, I tried to get a screen going to Dallas (Goedert). They covered it. Then it was second and ten, and it was a sack, and then it was third and long.

It was just one of those days that we have got to move on from. I have got to move on from and put behind us, and we have to go and get ready to beat the Giants

Later in the presser, with Nick Sirianni and Minshew already laying on the pick six sword, Steichen decided to impale himself as well:

Q. What did you see on the pick six? You’ve been really successful with the call back going back to certain plays. What do you think went wrong?(John McMullen)

A: That was on me. I think really honestly when I called it too, I was, like, shoot, we’re in a four-by-one. I know Coach already hit it on it too.

To call that there, A.J. Brown singled up. Probably should have had something off it, honestly. A double move or something, and I didn’t call a double move off of it, and the guy was sitting inside, and he jumped the route and made the play. It was on me. Shouldn’t have called the play.

Good to have coaches protecting their guys, but it doesn’t mean much when A.J. Brown and Minshew had already talked about the play. There’s nothing left to mask. Bad play, bad game, we flush it and move on. Steichen has been fantastic all year long so hopefully this was a blip on the radar as we turn it back to Jalen Hurts on Sunday.