“The Fact that he Doesn’t Get Respect from Our Radio Station Blows my Mind” – Nick Sirianni with a Jonathan Gannon Defense

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Sirianni after a 38-7 win that put his team into the NFC Championship Game:

“Coaches from other teams ask me like, does Jonathan Gannon get shit here?”

Of course you’ve got dopey Howard Eskin chiming in there with the “why do you even pay attention,” when it’s pretty well understood, even by fans, that the PR team preps the coach on current talking points and a sampling of what people are saying about the team. That’s where the Gannon stuff comes from. Plus, most of these guys talk among themselves and/or read everything. They’re not unplugging from the media world even if they say they are.

But anyway, Gannon called a really good game. He dialed up a couple of safety blitzes, got to Daniel Jones with a Haason Reddick stunt, and then dropped into a shell with the four-man rush as well. It was a much more diverse game plan, perhaps one saved for the postseason, but they got to Jones early and often and didn’t sit in that soft shit while the Giants dinked and dunked their way down the field. This type of approach was largely what the Gannon haters were looking for throughout the season, even when the conservative strategy was finding a lot of success.

Sirianni may be the first coach to ever say they’re looking forward to talking to Angelo.