Rewind to the preseason –

What if someone told you that the Eagles’ path to the Super Bowl would require defeating Daniel Jones and Brock Purdy? Pretty crazy, right? This couldn’t have lined up any better for them.

No disrespect to B Purds, but he’s not prime Joe Montana. He’s done a really nice job stepping up to the plate and using his weapons and trusting the high-level coaching out in Santa Clara. This isn’t going to be easy for the Eagles and Jalen Hurts (who face an elite defense on the other side of the ball).

Unless you watched a lot of disappointing Big 12 football over the years, you might not realize that Hurts and Purdy have faced off before, during the 2019 season when Oklahoma was still ranked in the top 10 despite coming off a loss to Kansas State. Look at the box scores and future NFL players here:

OU won a barn burner, 42 to 41. They were up by 21 points going into the fourth quarter then avoided a massive choke job, with Purdy throwing for three touchdowns to cut the lead to one following a Hurts pick. Instead of kicking an extra point to send the game to overtime, Iowa State tried to end it right then and there, but failed on the two-point conversion. CeeDee Lamb snagged the onside kick and OU survived. The quarterbacks combined for eight passing touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns, putting up 700+ yards of offense in a classic Big 12 flag football game.

It’s worth a quick watch if you’ve got a few minutes during lunch. Hurts was Hurts and Purdy did a lot of damage on the ground in that 4th quarter: