There’s a two hour wait down I-95 to get into the lots because Villanova is playing at Wells Fargo today at noon and it’s fucking up everyone’s tailgating plans:

Look at all this precious land at 9am! I can literally see the parking spot that Giants fan pissed his pants in last week.  If the Eagles lose because people weren’t properly liquored up I’m blaming it on Villanova.

You know who wouldn’t do this? A Philly team. You know how I know that? Last week the Philadelphia Wings moved their game up to 1pm on Saturday so it didn’t conflict with tailgates. Not only did they alleviate a headache for Eagles fans, their lots opened at 8:15 in the morning which allowed Eagles fans who purchased a Wings ticket to get in 12 hours of tailgating before game time.

Move the Nova game back to campus or have them play at the Palestra. They’re a .500 team playing Providence for god’s sake. Is it worth the bloodshed? –