There’s Nothing Wrong with Pizza Hut

no one out-pizzas the hut

Nick Sirianni said this during Tuesday’s press conference and it got people all riled up:

Q. Going back to you guys watching the Giants-Vikings game, can you provide a little color, what room it’s in, what coaches you’re with, and what it’s like when a play happens as you guys are in the midst of prep? (Tim McManus)

NICK SIRIANNI: Yeah, [Administrative Assistant to the Head Coach] Scott Kaniecki got us — I was kind of craving Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza, which I haven’t had that in a while. That’s not something I get to get at home. So, we had that. It was in the offensive staff room.

The beat writers tweeted this out, then every dickhead from Allentown to Cape May responded with some form of “Pizza Hut sucks” before proceeding to tell us about their favorite pizza place instead.

It’s so tired. It’s exhausting. We do this same thing whenever a cheesesteak place is brought up. Some athlete says “I like Geno’s Steaks” and then 400 people immediately respond with some form of “Geno’s sucks, my favorite place is (insert place here).” No one cares that you like Ishkabibble’s or Jim’s or Donkey’s or whatever. The “yeah but” food responses on social media are the most annoying thing on the planet. It’s WORN OUT.

Also, Pizza Hut does not suck. Pizza Hut is a classic staple for the working man and for American families. You think we had Pizzeria Beddia growing up in Gilbertsville? No, we had a Pizza Hut. As a kid, you’d skim through 30 books a month, mark it off on your “BOOK IT” calendar, and then you got a free pepperoni pie and maybe a breadstick. Not totally sure, the details are foggy. But the point is that Pizza Hut was a staple back in the day and people shitting on it now because their fancy pizza place in Fairmount is better should make everyone roll their eyes.

Plus, if you’ve got little kids and don’t feel like cooking on a Friday night, you get the big dinner box. You get two pizzas, pasta, breadsticks, and a drink for something like 20 bucks. What does 20 bucks get you at some fancy place in the city? You get a $13 Manhattan and three goat cheese balls.

I’m sick of people shitting on chain restaurants. Elitist scumbags. Nick Sirianni is a blue collar guy, representing the every-man.  No one out-pizzas the hut.