You know how they always show those shots during a football game, where Tom Brady or some other player is looking at a tablet? The coaches are pointing out something on film and doing in-game instruction.

Turns out the Flyers got rid of that entirely.

“We took the video on the bench off the bench because we want them to just worry about their next shift,” John Tortorella said after the Washington win. “I think it’s a major problem with us, understanding momentums of the game. You can’t understand momentums of the game if you’re looking at the iPad all the time. We took them off and aren’t even going to use them, so that they watch the game and see what’s next. (Travis Konecny) does that within his game all the time, and he’s one of the ones that looks at that damn thing all the time.”

Of course, Konecny, sans pad, goes out and scores a hat trick, so it would seem as though the pad elimination is working.

“Oh yeah, everyone was chirping me because I’m probably the guy who looked at them the most,” Konecny said. “So far so good though, right?”

Yes, so far so good, which is the name of a Bryan Adams compilation album.

It really is an interesting coaching topic. Do you learn more from watching the game, or looking at a pad? If you already know what you did wrong, there’s probably no upside here. It’s not like Jalen Hurts is on the sidelines while the defense is up, and somebody on the staff picks out an inverted Cover 2 that maybe he didn’t see on the field. They’ve got all-22 fill and noticed an opponent trend or something that will really matter in the second half. The pad thing probably makes a lot more sense for football than it does a fast-paced, shift-based game like hockey.

The alternative take here is that Torts hates technology. Old school coach wants the players to play! Maybe there’s something to it. Maybe he’s just not a Tim Cook guy. Maybe Torts has an android and hates Safari. He’s more of a Google Chrome guy.