Of interest to Flyers fans:

PHILADELPHIA (January 11, 2023) – This month, The Hockey News released its annual ‘Money and Power’ issue, which ranks the Top 100 People of Power and Influence in hockey, naming Valerie Camillo, President and CEO of Spectacor Sports and Entertainment as the top NHL team executive and No. 21 in the top 100 People of Power and Influence in hockey. Camillo was also featured on the cover of the issue with Samantha Holloway (Seattle Kraken co-owner) and Kim Davis (NHL Sr. EVP, Social Impact, Growth Initiatives) in recognition of their individual and collective experiences and contributions to hockey.

Camillo was interviewed by the magazine’s owner and publisher W. Graeme Roustan to discuss her impact on the sport of hockey, and the Philadelphia Flyers’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion under her leadership. The sit-down conversation can be viewed here.

I was looking for the full top 100 list, but apparently you gotta buy the magazine or some shit, so whatever. My top 100 people of power and influence in hockey would include Anthony SanFilippo, Chris Therien, and maybe Russell Joy ends up on the bubble. Just missed the cut!

Camillo got a promotion in Q4 2022.

Wrote Ant back then:

“Camillo, 48, who is currently the President of Business Operations, is expected to be given a new title, which is President and CEO of Comcast-Spectacor Sports Entertainment. In this more specific role, Camillo will be the top dog when it comes to the Wells Fargo Center and the business operations side of the Philadelphia Flyers, the Philadelphia Wings, the Maine Mariners, and other Spectacor special events.”

Go Flyers, fire Chuck Fletcher, #TankHardForBedard