Saw this from Eagles Nation on Twitter:

This shit has gone way too far. If we’ve reached a point in Eagles fandom where the Birds have won 15 games and find themselves in the NFC Championship Game, but people are having trouble enjoying that because of heightened expectations, then we all need to pop a Xanax and/or take a step back. Sport should never make you feel anxious to a point where you can only enjoy a win “for like a minute.” It’s great to be a diehard supporter, but obviously unhealthy if crippling anxiety becomes directly correlated to title contention.

In a related thought, it seems like there were a lot of people who spent this entire season complaining about something or moving the goal posts so far out in front that it took away the week-to-week enjoyment of the ride. It should never be like that. When the team is 8-0 but they’re complaining about zone defense on the radio, that’s not healthy. When the Birds lose their first game and people are calling for the defensive coordinator to be fired, that’s not healthy either. Setting the expectation as “Super Bowl or bust” is great in the athlete and coach ambition department, but does a disservice to fans who are watching, I think, for entertainment purposes.

Anyway, this is supposed to be fun. If watching the Eagles gives you debilitating anxiety or harms your mental health in any way, it’s probably time to dial it back. Without proper attention to this, the next step is that you turn into a Cowboys fan and you’re smashing your television after a loss, and then you’re in a shit attitude all week long based on the result of a sporting event in which you did not even participate.

(Not to make light of a legit situation, because anxiety is no joke. Hopefully Ben is doing alright wherever he is)