94 WIP Callers Taking Credit for the Eagles’ Playoff Success

Let’s see what they’re talking about on Angelo Cataldi’s show:

Yes, that’s it! The Eagles are blowing out teams in the playoffs because the coordinators finally got smart and decided to listen to 94 WIP callers.

Actual reality:

The Birds finished 14-3 in the regular season, lost two of those games with a backup quarterback, and finished with a top-5 offense and top-5 defense. They sacked the quarterback 70 times while only being a middle-of-the-pack blitzing team. The ability to get home with four and drop seven into zone coverage created a defensive balance that fulfilled the goal of limiting big passing plays, and as a result of that philosophy, they finished #1 in sacks, #1 in passing defense, and tied for third in takeaways.

Thankfully, Angelo retires this month. Hopefully these calls go right into the bagster as well. I’m counting on Joe DeCamara to turn a corner here, do the right thing, and muzzle the idiots. Go Birds.