A.J. Brown earlier:

This would appear to be in reference to a quote shared at his locker on Tuesday, which was posted on Twitter by Martin Frank and then questioned by Emmanuel Acho:

Okay so we’re gonna need everyone in the locker room to deliver their camera equipment and phones to the Eagles PR team for an investigation, which will be led by Sal Paolantonio wearing his Kenesaw Mountain Landis pants. We need the forensic evidence submitted right now.

Martin’s first tweet has A.J. Brown saying “I knew we were gonna lose,” while the follow up says “I knew deep down that it was probably a chance we were going to lose.” Obviously that line isn’t on the video clip at all, so it would seem as though there was paraphrasing here that people called into question because they think it makes Brown look bad. That’s the gist of what’s going on.

Certainly there’s a difference in someone saying “I knew we were gonna lose” vs. saying that there was “probably” a chance, so drawing the distinction is important.

(Also, as a quick aside, something cannot be “clickbait” if there’s nothing to click on. Clickbait is when someone writes some kind of headline or blurb with the purpose of getting you to press on it and be taken somewhere else, like a website serving ads or whatever)