Part three of the Will Shams and Kay Adams Fuck Already? chronicles:

JUST FUCK ALREADY! Turn the cameras off, find a Motel 6, and just fuck the shit out of each other because the sexual tension is getting ridiculous at this point. First it was Kay Adams planning a family with Shams:

Then the Rizz God made a return and Kay’s chair had to be replaced during commercial:

Now we have Shams completely turning the tables and laying it on THICK talking about how similar they are and complimenting her success. JUST FUCK ALREADY!

This is like when you were at a CYO dance and your buddy liked a girl and she liked him, but neither of them wanted to make the first move so it just becomes a game of you trying to shove your buddy over to her and her friends doing the same. Just real awkward pre-teen shit that would’ve been a lot less work if they would’ve just slow danced to some Boyz II Men and gotten it over with. We need these two to slow dance to some Boyz II Men and what I mean by that is just fuck already.