After the Sixers lost 106-99 to the Celtics on Wednesday night:

“Obviously Doc makes that game plan. They didn’t adjust, which has been sort of a thing. No disrespect, though.”

Woof. “No disrespect, but you’re a terrible coach.” That’s basically what he’s saying here.

I apologize because I didn’t watch the game last night, was dealing with a nice bout of projectile vomiting, so that was fun. The stomach bug going around Montco is NO JOKE. But the box score reveals that Griffin went 5-8 from three, scoring 15 points in 18 minutes on the floor. He didn’t attempt a two-pointer.

Seems like an okay strategy on the surface, since Griffin is a career 32.9 three point shooter and only tries 1.6 per game this season, but obviously it didn’t work out last night, and we ended up with a viral soundbite instead.