Meantime, in Dallas:

lol this is a good one

First of all, GREAT haircut on the Stars fan. It’s the old bowl cut/mullet combo. Looks like Will Byers from Stranger Things if he was trailer park trash. Like the natural evolution of the Peaky Blinders if they all became redneck hockey fans.

There doesn’t seem to be any video showing the lead up to the argument, but obviously the guy deserved to get clocked in the face for using the N word, even if it was directed at another white guy. He then gets up and the older guy grabs his jersey and delivers the slowest overhand right you’ll ever see. That’s when the woman gets involved and tries to punch/slap the dude before they’re all entangled.

I like the third guy coming in at the end calling him “little boy” while bowl cut is just yelling “no, fuck that” nonstop. This is an early nominee for sports fight of the year, right up there with Dallas Cowboys fans beating each other up for the umpteenth time.