A lot of people in Philly needed this today. A nice reminder that Bryce Harper isn’t just a MVP on the field, but off it too. What a dude:

You know who isn’t taking their shoe off and giving it to a fan? Max Scherzer. He probably would just stare at the kid with his weird eyeballs and call him a fucking bitch, mother fucker, fucking bitch, motherfucker, and snarl at him until the kid scrammed:

One thing though…

Is Bryce flying commercial? Is inflation that bad that our $300 million guy isn’t flying private, but instead mucking it up with the regular folk on Delta? No need to pander to us my guy. Giving away your shoe is enough to show us you’re a man of the people. I can’t have my MVP slugger riding the tram. Rhys Hoskins rides the tram. Bryce should be pulling up in a tinted-out Escalade in his own private hangar. You can hear him even say, “Lets get on this one so nobody is riding with us.” How did Scott Boras not negotiate unlimited NetJet flights into that deal?