The Kansas City Star published a couple of letters to the editor, and some Chiefs fans complained because the players were drinking during the Super Bowl parade.

Here’s one from a guy named Skip (not Bayless):

Big kudos on a big second half last Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs. While viewing your parade on Wednesday, however, I was surprised and dismayed to see that Patrick Mahomes and other players were drinking alcohol again.

I felt that way three years ago, and I thought there would have been enough negative feedback from the parents of children and teenagers voicing their concerns to the Chiefs’ administration that it wouldn’t be repeated.

Next time there’s a victory parade, please imbibe your alcohol privately and discreetly. Impressionable young people deserve better role models than what you’ve displayed twice.

Wonder what Skip thought when Travis Kelce called the Cincinnati mayor a “jabroni” and then told him to shut his mouth.

The KC parade didn’t seem that crazy, though I’m guessing you didn’t watch it. It was pretty straightforward. Of course, Chase Utley dropped a huge F bomb in 2008 and Jason Kelce’s 2018 speech was riddled with expletives, which is par for the course for any championship celebration. You’d be naive to think these guys are gonna keep it clean after winning it all, because it’s basically a party for the entire city. You’d also be naive to think “impressionable young people” are going to be corrupted when all of these teenage dirtbags already have smart phones and instant access to any piece of SMUT imaginable.

All of the anger should be channeled into the fact that Mahomes was drinking Coors Light instead of actual beer.