One last fuck you from Dan Snyder to Commies fans on his way out. A figurative pipe continues to rain down shit on the heads of fans who’ve supported this team through everything. According to Josh Kosman at The New York Post Snyder kept Jeff Bezos out of the private auction for the team because Bezos owns The Washington Post who’ve crushed him during his ownership term:

Top bids to buy the Washington Commanders fell far short of owner Dan Snyder’s $6 billion cutoff — while billionaire Jeff Bezos has been forced to the sidelines, sources told The Post.

An unidentified bidder came in with an offer of around $5.5 billion by this week’s deadline, which was similar to the amount offered by 76ers and Devils owner Josh Harris, sources close to the situation said.

Bezos, who’s worth more than $100 billion, was prevented by Snyder from entering the private auction though the Amazon founder wanted to participate, sources said.

This is great for Eagles fans. I’m not saying Jeff Bezos would be a great owner, but when you have unlimited money like Steve Ballmer or Steve Cohen the franchise is better set up in the long run. New stadium, better facilities, and the richest guy in the world would be able to walk into the room and affect change immediately. You think Jerry Jones wants to risk delaying every package his wife orders from Amazon for the rest of her life? He’s already got the Thursday Night Football deal and Roger Goodell wrapped around his finger:



Am I actually rooting for Dan Snyder?