Unintentional comedy right here:

Just so we’re clear, and all on the same page here, Seth has zero coaching experience and last played football in 1998. Bill Clinton was in office and Kosovo remained a part of Serbia. Construction had only just begun on the International Space Station and we were all afraid of Y2K.

So no, the Eagles aren’t going to approach Seth Joyner, because he has no resume other than playing for Buddy Ryan and Bud Carson more than 25 years ago, which apparently is good enough for the moron portion of the Eagles fan base. They think Seth would “be more aggressive” and really get after the quarterback.

The more absurd thing, however, is Seth saying that the game of football isn’t much different from when he played. Keep in mind, he retired during an era when Terrell Davis was getting more than 25 carries a game and the Air Raid and Spread Offense were burgeoning concepts, still in developmental phases. There was no zone read, no RPO, and there were multiple NFL teams that didn’t take a single snap out of the shotgun. Several years prior, the advent of the West Coast Offense had essentially rendered Buddy’s 46 defense obsolete.

This is not that era. Offensive football is more complex than ever. Quarterbacks get the ball out quickly. Every team throws the ball on offense and plays zone on defense. Aggression has been replaced by caution, and that’s not just a Jonathan Gannon thing. Everyone not named Wink Martindale tried to balance back end coverage with pressuring the QB in 2022. If you thought Gannon got out-schemed in the Super Bowl, wait until Joyner calls a zero blitz on every play and gets cooked by Taylor Heinicke.

It’s insane that people think someone like Seth has any chance of becoming defensive coordinator for this team. Same with Brian Dawkins or any former player from a different era with no coaching experience. There’s a 0.0000000000000000000% chance. You and I would have a better chance of being approached by Emily Ratajkowski.