In a green hat for the Eagles Emmitt Smith professed his love for Jalen Hurts and told Cowboys fans they should kep their mouths closed if the Birds lock up the Super Bowl on Sunday. This would be like B-Dawk telling the local Dallas news station he’s in love with the Cowboys QB and Eagles fans should pipe down:

It’s gotta be tough being a Cowboys fan right now. Jerry Jones has his eyes set on the 2049 Super Bowl when at that time his head will be ordering moves from a cryogenic freezer. The Yankees just gave a 30 year old almost $400 million after being swept by the Astros. The Lakers finally get off the Russell Westbrook trade, but you know this season ends with a #ZeroDark23 first round exit and a LeBron subtweet about his teammates and the organization. Alabama didn’t even make the playoff and Duke is unranked.

Now your legendary running back is bending the knee to the Eagles. This was Emmitt at Super Bowl 52:

Once the rings jokes dried up Cowboys fans had nothing left in their arsenal. Oh Dak is 8-3 against the Birds in the regular season? Jalen Hurts has as many playoff victories as him at 24. We’re about to play in our second Super Bowl in five years and they haven’t even mustered a NFC Championship berth in the last 20. Now a a guy on the Mount Rushmore of Cowboys is head over heels in love with this team and one of the Cowboys greatest coaches of all time thinks Jerry is a kook. The only thing that could make this even better was if we still had Troy Aikman on Fox have to watch the Eagles lift the trophy on Sunday.