Someone let Kyle Shanahan know this is how you double team a guy on defense:

What a fucking dive from gramps! That’s how you take a bump! A vicious attack like this deserves the Jim Ross treatment:

You know the climate nutjobs loved this. You don’t put the able-bodied guy in front of the door to the restaurant. You put the guy with the cane there 10 out of 10 times. Cane guy sells papers. Guys with working appendages do not. You know how I know that? No one rushed to this dude’s aid when he got tossed like a sack of potatoes.

Look at the shit-eating grin from the cameraman. He knows he struck gold. He knows every Democrat from California to Maine couldn’t wait to retweet this:

I’m just surprised the climate nutjobs didn’t dress someone up like Lieutenant Dan and stick him in front of the door:

Listen, I’m all for people getting their protest on, but don’t ruin other people’s days:

All this guy wants is the soup and sandwich special before he has to get back to his desk job. He probably gets one day a week to actually leave his desk for lunch and now he’s wasting precious seconds arguing with cane guy in front of the door. If that was me, I’d become pro-oil just to spite that guy. I’d head down to the Hummer dealership to get an H3 and ask if I could put a diesel exhaust on it. Then I’d drive it down to the Susquehanna and rev that engine until the water became more poisonous than Chernobyl. All because this goofball didn’t let me get some tomato soup and a grilled cheese during my break.

Supposedly these goofballs were protesting a $5k a plate fundraising lunch for a State Senator who is a proponent of fracking. Put a bullet in my brain if I ever waste my lunch listening to someone blabber about breaking down rocks for oil over lunch.

Kinkead: he even hit him with the A.I. stepover