No not this one…

That one was before the Super Bowl. This one:

That’s rough. There is something to say about being so overconfident you get permanent ink on your body before the team even plays the Super Bowl. But this dude isn’t even close to being the most overconfident Eagles fan in the area. I was telling everyone that I’d see them on Broad Street during the two weeks leading up. Getting this tattoo is no different than us loading up on the Birds on FanDuel. We all came out scarred.

This isn’t even the worst one. It’s just happens to be the latest on the list. Look at this dude:


This dude wasn’t just happy with one Lombardi, he planned an entire dynasty. You know this guy dove headfirst into everything Carson Wentz the second his name was announced in Chicago. There’s definitely an AO1 tattoo somewhere on his body. Probably bought a Bobcat- ehh, well at least Googled the price. I can’t imagine what he was like after that ball went through Alshon’s hands.

Delco. O’Hara alum. Shore house in North Wildwood.

Depending on how 2024 goes we could see a 1-2 record from both the Donald and the Birds in the Big Dance this century.

via Reddit u/mikeb32

This is a slippery slope. I always think of 2018 when I think of the Birds winning the Super Bowl. Others think of 2017 (they’re wrong). So what I’m saying is, it’s a lot safer to get the “52” or Roman numerals instead of the year. Then again, when you’re getting ass tats, everything flies out the window. The shading is lovely btw:

Bang! This dude definitely just closed that gap on the number six and made it into 2018.

This one is different. A Broncos fan that hates Tom Brady so much he got an Eagles tattoo with a “FYTB” and the date of the Super Bowl win. That is just next-level hatred. Like Chris Simms getting a Chiefs logo tatted on his thigh with a “FYJH” and 2-12-23 on it.

So there you go. Add Super Bowl 57/Crying Jordan to the list. Maybe he can just add another Roman numeral to it when the Birds win next year.