Jabari Smith Jr. and the Rockets are staying at the Ritz ahead of their game with the Sixers. Smith didn’t love drumline Elmo and Eagles fans making noise at 11 p.m. “Man, I got Embiid tomorrow” is hilarious:

Take the Jabari Smith Jr. unders tonight.

We were down at Broad Street documenting anything we could get and I was surprised by how loud it was and how many people showed up. People are upset that Eagles fans or “Eagles fans” went to Broad even after the loss. Truthfully, I don’t think you’re a bad fan because you went. There are a million packed bars around there. Once the game was over everyone poured out and just walked aimlessly to Broad like zombies. I think so many people built up this exciting moment in their head of partying on Broad Street after a Super Bowl win they didn’t have a plan B and their body just kind of carried them there, where they got caught up in “Fuck the Chiefs” chants and a bloodlust for Carl Cheffers. People grieve in different ways. The important thing is there wasn’t really any problem other than one dude getting arrested for breaking one of those plastic yellow PA Lottery signs you see on those green bins: