Baby number three for the Kelces:

Since the baby is happy and healthy, I’m doing the normal thing and looking for signs to see what this means for Jason’s Eagles future. The weight has piqued my interest: 8 lbs. 5 oz. Switch those numbers around and it’s 58. Next year is Super Bowl 58. First name? Bennett. Who won the CFB National Championship? Stetson Bennett. He won his second title. Jason is chasing his second title. This is the third baby. Jason is looking for his third Super Bowl appearance. “Bennett Llewellyn Kelce” is 21 letters long. What’s the most important number in Las Vegas? 21. Blackjack. Check out the onesie Bennett is wearing. The green, white, and yellow. What is the state flower of Nevada? The sagebrush, duh. Green, white, and yellow:

Jason Kelce is coming back.