Check out this Jerry Jones quote, shared by Jon Machota on Twitter. This is from the Senior Bowl earlier this week, on the topic of “aggression” shown by the Rams and Eagles to reach the Super Bowl:

This isn’t true. The Rams were aggressive, yeah, and got their Super Bowl while turning into a disaster the following year, but that’s not what the Eagles are doing right now. The Birds have a young QB still on his rookie deal, they have a very manageable, league-average salary cap situation, and they have a team that’s not very old at all. The Eagles aren’t “putting it all out there and paying for it later.” They didn’t “empty the bucket.” They’ve got the 10th overall draft pick next year and weren’t exactly burning through assets to put this roster together. Howie Roseman jettisoned Carson Wentz, ate a huge dead cap hit for a year, then surrounded his QB with free agent talent after nailing the 2021 and 2022 drafts. Sure, they can’t pay all of their free agents this offseason, but that’s a product of having tens of millions of extra money to spend with Jalen Hurts still earning pennies to the dollar.

Jerry says he likes where the Cowboys are right now, but I’m sure their fans would disagree. They’ve only won two things since the mid 90s – jack and shit.