On Thursday’s edition of the John Kincade show, they ripped New York radio guy Shaun Morash, who called Eagles fans frauds because they were out celebrating instead of watching the Chiefs/Bengals game. It was corny and contrived bullshit, of course.

The discussion was rudimentary up until the 2:25 mark:

That’s gotta be Spike Eskin they’re talking about. I don’t know who else it would be:

“I don’t like a lot of him or his minions because of the fact that I always looked at it like it gave our industry a bad name.”

Agree with Pat Egan on that thought. You can do hot take radio and be successful with it, with the Philly market being a perfect example of that. But when you go through the latest ratings period and see that Marks and Reese was the highest-performing sports show overall, it’s proof that you can pull huge numbers without doing hot take radio. That show is just straightforward sports talk with guests, and while the repeat callers like Chuck from Mount Airy can be considered gimmicky, it’s quite different than pulling yourself up to the microphone and saying a bunch of contrarian nonsense for reaction. WIP still has Angelo and Howard polluting the airwaves with cornball shit, but it seems like they’ve been less “takey” overall since Spike went to WFAN. That’s my observation.