Lot of updates at the bottom since publishing this as different Eagles players and some around the league jumped in…


Gotta tip your cap here to JuJu. He’s a Super Bowl champ and had an impact on the game even after he showed up in a kilt. Funny is funny, and if the shoe was on the other foot we’d be eating this shit up:

The thing I hate the most about the holding call is there was a much worse one from Bradberry that went uncalled earlier in the game. I’d rather them call that one then let the game end on some bullshit:

I don’t know what Howie’s plans are for this offseason at the third wide receiver position, but if he’s looking for an upgrade JuJu is likely an affordable free agent for the Super Bowl run. If this tweet gets deleted around March 15th we’ll know JuJu’s agent is talking to the Birds.

UPDATE: The Eagles and James Bradberry have responded:

Saying congratulations and then calling JuJu TikTok Boy, and finishing with “but congratulations again” is an all time backhanded insult.


Even Tyreek Hill got in on it:

UPDATE 2: CJGJ getting in on the action! Calling a dude “toilet water” has to at least be worth $1 – $2 million more in free agency:

And a deleted one:

UPDATE 3: Micah Parsons! NFL players HATE JuJu:

I can’t stand that I’ve done a complete 180 on Micah Parsons since he went on Von Miller’s podcast.

NFL players coming out of nowhere to clown JuJu:

UPDATE 4(th and 26): Sit this one out FredEx. Lets let the dudes with over 500 yards in a season talk:


UPDATE 5: Roll that Blount and smoke on that JuJu pack. Notice how nobody, not even his teammates, have come to defend JuJu:

UPDATE 6: Pat Mahomes jumping in from Disney World:

I think that’s for Tyreek Hill and not AJ. Which I think AJ realized after tweeting this because he deleted it not to long after:

This is getting more exciting than the Super Bowl.

UPDATE 7: The Facebook comments every time we write about Carson Wentz and Ben Simmons:

UPDATE 8: JuJu is drowning. Bro has terrible comebacks: