This is awesome! Kyrie Irving wants out of Brooklyn in the next six days:

If Kyrie Irving led the Redcoats during the Revolutionary War, we’d all be speaking British today. He’s now destroyed Boston and he’s leaving New York in rubble. What an asshole!  Between the vaccination stuff and anti-semitic bullshit earlier in the season, the Nets have to be kind of relieved, right? It’s like when you take Tylenol after a night of drinking. Yea I’m still hungover, but at least that pounding headache is gone. Who is going to take a flyer on this guy? (It’s the Lakers, which is funny because Kyrie started his bullshit playing with LeBron).  The best part about it is this comes only 19 days after he took a shot at James Harden for being “halfway in” last year. What a hypocrite:


Poor KD. He should’ve gotten out while he had the chance this summer. Now he’s going to be spending his nights subtweeting Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook from his endless list of burners after they go 3/21 from the field again.

I do feel bad for my good buddy Joe Harris though: