This comes via r/Phillies user NomadCourier –

The Rhys Hoskins bat slam celebration could be coming to the new MLB: The Show 23 next month:

The animation in the above video is a little wonky, but I found another video where they’ve seem to have gotten it together:

Man this brings back awesome memories. Memories that honestly feel longer than four months ago. If these dudes would’ve pulled off the unthinkable and won the World Series you could argue they would’ve been more popular in this town than the 2008 team. There was moment after moment that entire playoff run:

Anyway I haven’t played The Show since the Big Piece was on the cover. Road to the Show and Franchise mode were awesome. I was in Double AA slashing .567/.782/.600 as a pitcher while painting the black. Then you would go over to Franchise mode and win seven straight World Series while charging $30 for a bucket of popcorn. It costs money to win championships. If they had the Dollar Dog promotion you know I would’ve had 81 of those things.

P.S. Never forget Garrett Stubbs did it first: