We do this every couple of years when athletes and coaches bring their kids to the podium. Add Maggie Gray from Maggie and Perloff to the list. She was talking with Eliot Shorr-Parks in Phoenix about how Nick Sirianni shouldn’t bring his kids to the podium:

You know how hot this take has to be for ESP to be like, “relax lady“?

Who the fuck cares? If Nick Sirianni wins a Super Bowl he can bring his dog to the podium and let it shit whereever it wants. These coaches barely see their kids during the season, God forbid they maximize whatever time they can with them. How dare they show that they’re humans and not football robots. There are Big J’s in the crowd that need the focus on them and their question about second half adjustments and not Sirianni’s daughter mimicking her dad regurgitating his canned answers.  Jesus, there is nobody who thinks their job is more important than sports reporters.

Exhibit A: These two reporters from the Washington Post and The Ringer during Super Bowl Media Day:

I ruined this guy’s night:

He has NO TIME for my tomfoolery! He’s paying off his $100k journalism debt from Medill one Jason Kelce question at a time. How about you write 3,500 words on the greatest offensive line coach of all time seeing one of the best second steps of his life from a guy who suffers from Osgood-Schlatter. I waited patiently right before that while Ben Solak asked 15 questions about the O-Line. I kid you not. Solak was finishing up and these two flanked me from the side before I even knew what hit me. Journalist kamikazes, these two.

It’s so much fun watching the Big J’s squirm at Media Day. They get their access all season and during the biggest week of the year they realize they have to elbow for position with a bunch of circus freaks.