This was a pretty creative way to say goodbye:

I gotta know though –

Was the person having a seizure while filming this a part of the bit? I could’ve done without the motion sickness right after breakfast.

I saw a lot of people hating on this mural underneath my tweet yesterday:





I don’t really care about it one way or another, but I think people forget this was a Red Bull activation and not some sort of dedication to Matisse for coming in 3rd for the DPOY award. There was a whole charitable component and video game attached to it as well.

What should replace it? Maybe a dedication to all The Process Sixers that shed blood for the cause. Throw T.J. McConnell and Jakarr Sampson up there. Give some real estate to Jerami Grant, Christian Wood, and Nik Stauskas. Real Process Sixers like Gerald Henderson, Kendall Marshall, and Isaiah Canaan should be the last people Garage patrons see before going into crush High Life and play some skee-ball.

Anyway. Great idea to say thanks to the fans. Fishtown has lost another hippy. Good news is you can just go across the street to Johnny Brenda’s and find a hundred more.