New York Giants Safety Says Anyone Could Coach the Eagles

via ceedy.duce on Instagram

From GMFB:

“He’s a guy who really is doing a great job because he’s not getting in the way of his team, he has an experienced roster from top to bottom, offense defense… he’s in it for a free ride right now, you guys could coach this team.”

Let’s humor Love for a minute –

Even if Sirianni was “not getting in the way of his team,” he’s still managing the team from the top down. Delegation is important. Putting coordinators and players in positions where they can be successful is important. Creating a good ecosystem in the locker room and a good vibe around the team is important. Plus, he’s gotten pretty much everything right this year in terms of clock management, throwing the challenge flag, and other in-game choices. If you don’t want to give him credit on a micro level, you have to give him credit on a macro level, because he’s the de facto leader of a squad that’s currently playing in the Super Bowl.

Love, by the way, was the dude who could have laid out DeVonta Smith here and instead totally screwed up this play: