Nick Bosa Says He’s Not Watching the Super Bowl

via @thekaterooney on Twitter

I can’t believe Nick Bosa doesn’t want to watch the biggest football game in the world featuring two black QBs.

His words, not mine:

I mean there is a -10000% chance Nick Bosa doesn’t watch the Super Bowl. What’s he going to do instead, watch Bar Rescue re-runs? Fire up Loose Change on Netflix for the 500th time? I don’t care if he’s on some remote island in the Pacific Ocean. I know a guy who watched the divisional round against the Giants in Curacao. You can’t escape the NFL just like you couldn’t escape Jordan Mailata all Sunday:

Suck it up, Bosa. Everyone in the world watches the Super Bowl. There is nothing else to do. You get invited to your wife’s coworkers house, you bring a dip, sweat the National Anthem under, and hope for one second the “funny guy” shuts the fuck up during the commercials until you beg your wife to leave at halftime, but she won’t because Rihanna is about to perform Umbrella. So instead you’re forced to grab another beer and you end up getting drunk just so “funny guy” becomes bearable for the next 30 minutes. Which then leads to a fight when your wife realizes you’re too drunk to drive and she has to make the 20 minute drive home in the dark. Now it’s Monday, you’re hungover, and your wife is giving you the silent treatment when you never wanted to go in the first place. Super Bowl baby!