A.J. Brown told a story on The Raw Room show about a Nick Sirianni teaching moment that centered around his neighbor picking up dog shit. Dawg Shit Mentality:

Coaches are a different breed man. They have the unique ability to turn every situation they encounter into a teaching moment. Nick Sirianni is driving to NovaCare, he sees his neighbor scooping dog shit, and he spends the next 30 minutes crafting a narrative he can use to get his point across about finishing blocks. Other coaches teach their messages through fear. You mess up in a Bob Huggins practice, you run on the treadmill for 45 seconds at 18 mph and get right back into practice. I had an AAU coach that would sub us out during a game if we’d commit a turnover and make us do 20 pushups at the end of the bench. That’s emasculating while down 20. Coach K used to ban Duke players from the locker room and forbid them from practicing with Duke stuff because they didn’t live up to the standards of of the program.

Coaches have a screw loose. Especially coaches that grew up in a coaching family. Remember his rant about Kobayashi during training camp? Normal people just see a Japanese dude shoving hotdogs in his mouth for money. Nick Sirianni sees fundamentals. He’s a mad man: