Thought this was interesting, from Tim Kelly at Audacy via Todd Zolecki at

Because of Nike’s new four-plus-one rule, Todd Zolecki of hears that the Phillies won’t wear their popular green uniform tops with a shamrock on the sleeve when they have a split-squad exhibition with the Toronto Blue Jays on March 17, which is St. Patrick’s Day.

As outlined on Phillies Nation earlier this month, Nike took over as the uniform manufacturer for MLB in 2020 and has now asked that teams limit themselves to four jerseys. Evidently that includes Spring Training uniforms as well.

Tim notes that “an exception can be made for a fifth jersey if it is part of the “City Connect” program,” which the Phillies are not expected to have until 2024.

This is funky, because fans have always seemed to like the green jerseys. The Phils started wearing them consistently in 1986 and it’s just one of those things they do. The merch is cool. People buy it. Doesn’t matter if it looks like the Celtics.

I just think it’s weird how Nike is this multi-bazillion dollar company and yet puts limitations on anything at all. You are Nike. This isn’t some local t-shirt place trying to fill orders. Just give the people what they want.

Some photos of the Phils wearing green in 2021, via Mike Watters at USA Today Sports: