I believe Matt Gelb at The Athletic (with ads) was first, so he gets the credit for breaking this:

Tom McCarthy and Scott Franzke have agreed to long-term contract extensions that will keep them in their current roles for most of the 2020s. By the end of those deals, the two will stand among some of the longest-tenured broadcasters in franchise history.

The team has not yet announced who will pair with Franzke for the remainder of the schedule, although former Phillies infielder Kevin Stocker is believed to be a leading candidate for that role. Stocker shared analyst duties last season with Michael Bourn, Chad Durbin and Erik Kratz.

Same crew with McCarthy again, so John Kruk, Ruben Amaro Jr., and Ben Davis. Gelb notes that Larry Andersen is going to do about 60 games in 2023, which is more than last year. You may recall that in November LA was on Marks and Reese and essentially lobbied to increase his role going into this season, which is was ultimately ended up happening. That’s a good thing. We’ll take as much Franzke and LA as we can get.

I think if you did a poll, a majority of the Phillies fan base would say they’re happy with the broadcasting situation. There’s a portion of people who gripe about T Mac and Ben Davis, but it doesn’t seem to be overwhelming. I think the most interesting thing now is following NBC Sports Philadelphia, because the future may be DTC streaming or something much different than what you’re used to now.