South Philly Chiefs Bar Won’t Open for Super Bowl

Big Charlie's on Twitter

Didn’t expect to see this:

Big Charlie’s is on the corner of 11th and McKean, about a block south of Neumann-Goretti. It’s “Arrowhead East” for KC games in Philly.

There doesn’t seem to be much of an explanation beyond what’s written. I went over to the Facebook page and the same exact message was posted there. Reading over it again, it would seem as though they couldn’t fit everyone in, and so rather than exclude a portion of Chiefs fans, just decided to bag it altogether. Fair enough, if that’s the case. It’s a corner bar in South Philly, so it’s not like they can put 200 people in there.

It’s a cool spot though. Rustin Dodd at The Athletic (now with ads) did a recent profile that’s worth reading. 

EDIT – here’s a bit more from the Philadelphia Business Journal