Subaru Park and the Linc Have the Same Tahoma Grass as the Super Bowl Field, so this was an Installation and/or Paint Problem

Subaru Park via Del Val turf Facebook Page

I’d like to thank long time reader/supporter Alex for pointing out to me that Subaru Park in Chester has the same Tahoma 31 grass as the playing surface for Super Bowl 57, which was a disaster.

The new Union field was installed this summer:

Fascinating, right? They ripped up the old surface during the international break at the end of spring/early summer and completely laid the new Tahoma 31 surface.

In addition, Lincoln Financial now features the Tahoma 31 grass as well:

The NFL’s conference championships were also played on OSU turfgrass on Jan. 29 – the Philadelphia Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field with Tahoma 31 turf for the NFC Championship and the Kansas City Chief’s GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium with NorthBridge for the AFC title game. Variety Tahoma 31 was recently installed at State Farm Stadium – home of the Arizona Cardinals – in preparation for the Super Bowl.

The Union’s pitch was immaculate this year, and the Linc held up incredibly well. I can’t remember players sliding or struggling at either place, so it would suggest that the Eagles and Chiefs were slipping around because of a crappy paint or installation job. It did seem like most of the slippage was taking place around the painted areas, though I also saw Haason Reddick lose his footing and get pancaked on completely green grass.

Something to think about. Whomever set up the field out there did a shit job. Should have sent the Del Val Turf people down there to do it. They would have gotten it right.