Alright it’s almost go time. Thank God. These last two weeks have been excruciating. The first week was nothing but San Francisco and Dallas whining, and the second week was… more San Fran and Dallas whining, we just chose to ignore it on the site.

With Super Bowl 57 kicking off in a matter of hours, we compiled our final CB staff predictions, and opened it up to the guys at our sister sites as well – ESNY, Sports Betting Dime, and the college cluster of sites (Saturday Down South, Saturday Road, Saturday Tradition, and Saturday Out West). The combined staff overwhelmingly favors the Eagles, so hopefully we didn’t jinx it.


Kinkead: Eagles 30, Chiefs 29

One of the better takes I saw on Twitter this week was from someone who said the Chiefs have the best three players in this game, then the Eagles own 4 through 15. That’s accurate. Once you get past Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Chris Jones, the Eagles really have the superior depth and talent across both lines and in the secondary as well. They’ve got the weapons to score on this Chiefs defense and while KC will put points on the board and push this one to the brink, I think Jonathan Gannon’s defense does enough to hold on for a nail-biting win here. Then the Eagles become world fucking champions.

Pagan: Eagles 30, Chiefs 10

Pat Mahomes only one Super Bowl going into year 4 of his $450 million deal. Is this is the worst contract in sports? See you on Broad Street.

Bob: Eagles 30, Chiefs 20

Pizza, insurance, Old Spice – if there’s a commercial for it, Jalen Hurts will be in it after winning super Bowl MVP.

Craig:  Eagles 38, Chiefs 35 (EDIT – an earlier version of this story had Craig calling for a 35-35 tie, that’s my fault, I fuckin fat-fingered it)

Thanks to a Jake Elliot late field goal. FYP.

Ant San Francisco: Eagles 23, Chiefs 21

I know I said whoever wins the NFC Championship Game wins the Super Bowl. So, I’m gonna stick with that, but I can’t help but tell you I’m starting to get the feeling I’m wrong. No reasoning… it’s just a feeling. But… It’ll be 23-21 Eagles and Mahomes will have the ball in the final minute. I’ll say the Eagles defense makes a play when it needs to – like they did in LII, and like the Rams did last year. But hold your breath folks.

Russ: Eagles 37, Chiefs 24

At the risk of being exposed as a fraud, I can envision a scenario where the Eagles’ defense suffocates Kansas City. The Chiefs get one back late through the air to Travis Kelce, but it’s not enough. Jalen Hurts takes the Lombardi Trophy, shines it up really nice… takes that trophy, turns that somebitch sideways, and sticks it straight up Chris Simms’ candy ass!

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Cog: Eagles 37, Chiefs 28

I’ve been confident in this team all year. Would be weird if I didn’t now. Let’s party on Broad Sunday night.

Investor emeritus Mike: Eagles 31, Chiefs 28

Butker misses 50+ yard field goal as time expires.

Investor emeritus Jeff: Eagles 34, Chiefs 30

Late pick by CJGJ to ice it.

Alex Payton (commercial): Eagles 30, Chiefs 23

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce keep Kansas City in the game, but the talent of Philadelphia is too much for the Chiefs to overcome. Eagles win by a TD.

Gary Garry (commercial): Eagles 31, Chiefs 21

The Eagles have a more complete team across the board. If they protect the ball, they win the game.

Adam Spencer (SAT): Chiefs 27, Eagles 24

The Eagles haven’t really been tested this postseason, winning both games in blowout fashion. Given 2 weeks for his ankle to heal even further, I think Patrick Mahomes has a big day and the Chiefs squeak out a close win.

Ethan Stone (SAT): Chiefs

The Eagles are the more complete team on paper, but I’m not sure going against Patrick Mahomes is a wise idea. Chiefs will take a close one.

Danny Small (commercial): Eagles 31, Chiefs 27

“Mr. Philly” Nick Sirianni wins one for his hometown. “Born and raised Philly guy” gets it done.

James Kratch (ESNY): Eagles 27, Chiefs 17

This pick is pretty straightforward. The Chiefs won’t be able to block the Eagles’ pass rush. And that’s about all there is to this.

Matt Musico (ESNY): Eagles 30, Chiefs 21

Hurts gets his revenge for Mahomes stealing his MVP.

Josh Benjamin (ESNY): Chiefs 28, Eagles 24

Nick Sirianni has the bodies, but Andy Reid has the brains. KC out-coaches a tough Eagles team and wins 28-24

Paul Harvey (SAT): Chiefs 34, Eagles 30

Jalen Hurts was an awesome story during the season, and there is a multitude of reasons to believe he will win an MVP and Super Bowl during his career. However, Sunday’s game has legacy-type ramifications for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs dynasty. With extra rest for his injured ankle, don’t bet against Mahomes with the ball in his hands.

Alex Ansted (SAT): Eagles 27, Chiefs 24

I just don’t think the refs will save the Chiefs again, and KC won’t be able to stop the run!

Conor O’Gara (SAT): Chiefs 24, Eagles 21

My heart wants Jalen Hurts to finally come out on top on the championship stage, but my head says that betting against Patrick Mahomes is a dumb, dumb idea. Head wins, as do the Chiefs.

Keith Farner (SAT): Eagles 30, Chiefs 27

I’ll pick the Eagles, 30-27. They have a better running game, and will win the time of possession battle to keep the ball away from Patrick Mahomes.

Matt McEwan (SBD)Eagles 26, Chiefs 23

I ride with my SBD formula. It has gone 9-3 against the spread in the playoffs and 10-2 on totals. The formula likes the Eagles defense to give Mahomes and company a little trouble, while Hurts and Sanders chip away at the clock with a slow-but-steady ground game.

Jon Cooper (SAT): Eagles 31, Chiefs 27

Jalen Hurts doubters are going to have a tough night, as the Eagles offense will have their way against the banged up Chiefs.

Alex Hickey (SAT): Eagles 31, Chiefs 20

To me, the most interesting subplot is back from the offseason. The Eagles moved some mountains to get A.J. Brown, while the Chiefs lost Tyreek Hill. I think this is the game where that difference becomes noticeable. Kansas City is vulnerable in the secondary, but created enough pressure to make up for it against a beat-up Bengals offensive line. Philly has comparable receiving weapons to Cincy, but much better pass protection. And Frank Clark is great, but he’s not Nick Bosa, who was invisible against the Eagles. I think Vegas will be closer on the total than the point spread.

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