Here’s one for the everyone who tweeted, “Leave Jonathan Gannon in Arizona.” Technically you got your wish:

I’m, having a hard time believing Jonathan Gannon actually didn’t know he was being interviewed by the Cardinals in the Information Age. The news broke like 12 hours before the Super Bowl. You think Gannon is that locked that his agent didn’t at least text him giving him a heads up or his wife being like, “Are we moving to Arizona?” The woman works in marketing at Vogue. Her boss has to have notifications on for Schefty and Ian Rapoport at all times and a job posting ready to go when you’re married to one of the hottest coaching candidates in the NFL.

Anyway, Gannon is in Arizona now and he’s ready to adapt to new offensive trends like pre-snap motion and QBs that can throw:

P.S. I would’ve killed to get a behind-the-scenes look of “Effort Roulette” after the Super Bowl. Damn meeting would’ve lasted longer than the Godfather trilogy: