Thanks to reader James for sending this along. Check out the smut desecrating the famous display outside of the Collegeville Italian Bakery:

LET’S GO METS? The hell is this?

Description on the Facebook post:

Let us start by saying, we’re not Mets fans, we’re Pat McCarthy fans!

Please join us in celebrating our customer and friend on being named the pre-and post game host for the New York Mets on WCBS Newsradio 880.

Pat always finds time to stop in when he’s in the area and we could not be happier for him. What an incredible opportunity and it is so well-deserved. Called up to the Big Leagues, Pat! Congratulations!! The Mets are so lucky to have you.

“We’re more than a bakery!”

Alright, so Pat McCarthy is Tom McCarthy’s son. He’s done some Phillies stuff and has been the voice of the IronPigs since 2018. If they wanna give him a shout out, that’s fine, but something about the choice of message is bothering me, even with the disclaimer. If this said something like, “congratulations Pat McCarthy, blah blah,” then no problem. But the added LET’S GO METS is an insult. Imagine if the roles were reversed and some shitty bagel joint in Queens posted LET’S GO PHILLIES on their board. Wouldn’t you feel like you had taken a knife in the ribs? Not even Judas Iscariot would go this far.

I’m not saying this is too big of a deal, but I’d recommend a full boycott of the Collegeville Italian Bakery. We’ll round up some Methacton and Ursinus kids and pay them to protest in front of the entrance. Crisis actors. They can hold up Dunkin Donuts signs and glue themselves to the front door.