There will be no second place songs after wins in the Phillies clubhouse this year according to Kyle Schwarber and Rhys Hoskins via Todd Zolecki at

“It’s a second-place song,” Kyle Schwarber said. “It’s done.”

“I personally think it’s the 2022 Phillies,” Hoskins said. “Something will pop up during the year, right? We’ll latch into something.”

Love this move. Leave that song in 2022. It’s a remix of a remake anyway. If that doesn’t scream second place I don’t know what does. We need an original for this team.
…even though it did fucking slap after wins:

Could you imagine how corny it would’ve been if this Eagles team adopted Dreams & Nightmares during the Super Bowl run? New team. New song. And this team seems like they’re going to be just as much fun as last years: