CBS reportedly had an intervention with Tony Romo before the 2022 season and they’re worried he didn’t get any better:

According to Andrew Marchand via The New York Post, a couple CBS execs flew out to meet with Romo in Dallas because they were worried about his lack of preparation:

During the last offseason, CBS Sports executives recognized that some of the lusters of Tony Romo’s NFL analysis had faded. As a result, they staged something of an intervention, The Post has learned. 

In an effort to have Romo focus more on being fully prepared and to help him find a way to mesh better with his broadcast partner, Jim Nantz, executives, including CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus and CBS’ lead NFL game producer, Jim Rikhoff, flew on separate trips to Romo’s Dallas home, according to sources. 

Tony Romo not preparing properly? Who could’ve seen this coming? –

I don’t watch a lot of CBS games honestly, with the Eagles consistently on FOX, and when they aren’t playing I’m watching RedZone so I was completely unaware Tony Romo nosedived. I thought people still loved the golden boy predicting every play based on the coverage and having an aneurysm every time there was a close play:

CBS is stuck with him for seven more years at $18 million a pop. Wouldn’t be the first time an organization overpaid him for little production.