Kristen Graham at the Inquirer:

In honor of the Super Bowl, Pennsylvania’s largest school system is giving students and teachers a late pass Monday.

“To ensure the safety of students and staff traveling to school, all SDP schools and buildings will open with a two-hour delay,” a message sent to families and staff by Philadelphia School District officials Wednesday said. “While we look forward to a great game and an Eagles victory, we also look forward to welcoming students back to classrooms the next day.”

This is a good idea, and a departure from what the district did ahead of Super Bowl 52:

Bob Wankel brought this up Tuesday on Crossing Broadcast, with Jason Myrtetus joining us. Shouldn’t we just play the Super Bowl on Saturday? It’s one of the biggest events of the year for gatherings, yet it takes place on Sunday evening and we’ve got work and school the next day. You gotta get your kids to bed in the second quarter or halftime. You’ve got absolutely zero productivity at work the next day. There’s nothing to preclude the NFL from playing the Super Bowl on Saturday every single year, which would make sense for everyone. Schools wouldn’t have to announce two hour delays. We also wouldn’t have to wait 14 fucking days after the conference championships. That Saturday before the Super Bowl is the slowest Saturday of the year.

Can anyone make a legitimate argument for playing the Super Bowl on Sunday instead of Saturday? I can’t think of one, so I asked Twitter and one guy suggested playing it at 1 p.m. on Sunday while another suggested moving President’s Day to the Monday following the Super Bowl for a three-day weekend. Those both seem like reasonable things. Better than the current setup.

EDIT – people are coming back with the argument that more people watch TV on Sunday. Yes, that’s true, but it’s also the Super Bowl. It’s the most-watched even on this entire continent. If you moved the game to Saturday you’d still do an 80 bazillion share or whatever ratings it gets annually.