You idiots! The last thing you do is fuck with Rocky! You’re done! Finished! Finito! Plan the parade! Get Jason Kelce his Mummers costume! The Lombardi is coming back home! –

Look how happy this guy is! Look at that dumb smile! Do they not have internet yet in Topeka? He doesn’t even know that he just cost his precious Chiefs a Super Bowl! Just as I was about to hand it to Chiefs fans for being smarter than I thought, this guy goes ahead and shows me I was right all along! The dark energy surrounding the Rocky statue is stronger than Patrick Mahomes’ arm:

Mahomes is going to have one Super Bowl going into year four of his $500 million contract. Worst contract in sports? People are asking.

P.S. I was wondering this the other day and I wish I would’ve asked it at Media Day because I think Travis Kelce’s brain would’ve started leaking. Why is it “I before E except after C”, but the Chiefs is spelled with an “I” before the “E”? Just some early morning next level big brain thinking for you to nosh on. (Kinkead: because the H screws it up)

h/t to CB reader Cedric


UPDATE: People are saying this is an Eagles fan disguised as a Chiefs fan based on his now deleted tweet from the parade five years ago:

I don’t know. I think this guy is actually a Chiefs fan who married into an Eagles family or moved to the city and got caught up in the excitement of an Eagles playoff run. All he’s wearing is a green coat and “a lot of fun with a fanbase who deserves it” reads like a guy who’s happy for his family and friends. Nothing wrong with that. There were plenty of different team’s fans partying in the streets.

Final ruling: This is real and the Chiefs are fucked Sunday.